How to verify your website on Pinterest. This is super helpful for bloggers who use wordpress or are just starting a blog. This is so important if you are a blogger. Verifying your website on Pinterest is one of my top blog tips. This guide walks you through exactly how to verify your website. Verifying your website on Pinterest helps to increase traffic, give you analytics and increa....How To Verify Your Website On Pinterest

When I started Smart and Simplistic I just like most bloggers wanted to get as much traffic from Pinterest as possible. I read so many blog posts about how to create the perfect Pinterest profile and figured out how to optimize my profile easily. I optimized it so well that I earned $300 my first month blogging! you can read about that by clicking here. If you want to create the Perfect Pinterest Profile too grab my free workbook here:

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I started getting traffic from Pinterest which was great. All of my pins were gaining popularity and brining me traffic. However, I couldn’t see any of my analytics. I didn’t know how many people were seeing pins from my website but not actually clicking on them to come to my website.

 The hard part for me of creating a perfect Pinterest profile wasn’t creating the perfect profile, it was verifying my website. I read Pinterest’s step by step guide and that just confused me more than ever. Then I clicked to view Pinterest’s guide for people who have their website verified with Bluehost and once again I got even more confused. I finally figured it out after looking at my websites CPanel for 2 hours just to realize I was in the wrong place. So I figured other people must be having the same problem. So just like any blogger would I decided to create this guide.

The reasons a blogger would want to verify their website:

  • Pinterest is more likely to show your pins.
  • You can view analytics that show how often people are seeing pins from your website.
  • You can better understand where your Pinterest views are coming from.
  • It will increase the amount of people that come to your website.

What you need to verify your website on Pinterest:

  • A Pinterest business account.
  • A self hosted blog.
  • WordPress installed on your website.
  • A few minutes time.

How to verify your website on Pinterest:

1.Go to your analytics.

Log into your Pinterest business account and go to your dashboard. Once at your dashboard look up to the top left corner and you should see this: how to verify your website on pinterest

After you spot it click the button that says analytics.

2. Get to the confirm your website pop up.

When you get to your analytics it will bring you to a screen that shows two boxes of analytics one will contain how your pins are doing today. The second one will show you how your pins have been doing over the past month. The third one should be blank if you need to verify your website still. That box should look like this:

verify your website on pinterest

You are going to want to click “confirm website” then a pop up will come up that gives you a meta tag. that pop up will look something like this:

how to verify your website on pinterest

copy that meta name and we will move on to the next step so you can verify your website on Pinterest. But keep this window open because you are going to have to come back and click “Finish” later.

3. Go to your website and log into WordPress.

This step is easy just go to your website and log into your WordPress. Once you are logged into to your website go ahead and go to your dashboard.

4. Navigate to your WordPress Tools.

To get to your WordPress dashboard look over at your left navigation bar and click on the “Tools” button it should look something like this: Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Once you are in Tools you should see a screen that looks like this:

How to verify your website on Pinterest.

scroll down the page until you see this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.51.05 PM

5. Install your Pinterest meta name into WordPress

Now you are just going to paste the meta name that you got from Pinterest into that box. Which should look something like this:

how to verify your website on Pinterest.

once you are done go ahead and click “how to verify your website on pinterest.”  at the bottom of the screen.

6. Go back to Pinterest and finish the job.

Now that you have finished your end of the deal it is time to go back to Pinterest so that you can finally verify your website on Pinterest. Hopefully you kept that same window open from the beginning. If not it is no big deal because your meta name won’t change over time. Just log back into Pinterest and get to your analytics then meta name.

Once you are back at this screen:

how to verify your website on pinterest

Go ahead and click finish! It will seem like nothing has happened because the pop up will just disappear but in a few minutes go back to your analytics and the third pop analytics box should look like the first two.

(however it will not have stats in it for the first 48s while it collects them)

Woo! now you know how to verify your website on Pinterest.

That was super easy right? When I tried to do it with Pinterest’s guide I was there for like ever. It sucked. No fun at all!

If you wan’t to improve your Pinterest profile even more so you can increase your websites traffic by more than double or triple grab my free Perfect Pinterest Profile workbook below!

Perfect Pinterest Profile Workbook

Now go have fun and pin your booty off!

Closing Statements:

I hope that made it much easier for you to verify your website for Pinterest. I know when I was trying to verify my website it wasn’t easy at all!

Any more questions, comments, or ideas for future blog posts?

Leave me a comment below and I will be sure to reply!

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