How To Connect With Your Target Audience

When blogging it is easy to get people to come to your blog however, it is hard to get an audience to stick around. Why is that? Because we often are attracting the wrong audience. So how do we attract the right audience? It seems nearly impossible. We can’t control who clicks on our social links and pins. However attracting the right audience is easier than you think. Here are a few tactics that I impose to keep the right audience coming to my blog. Once you have the right audience and want to grow your email list and traffic check out these posts for more awesome tips and free stuff! (Increasing Traffic Post) (Growing Your Email List Post) Or scroll down to the bottom and grab your free workbook!


When I started blogging I tried to use click bait titles like I would see on YouTube because I wanted people to click my links and visit my blog. Sure this method got me a decent amount of viewers every once in awhile but they never stuck around or grew my blog or quality audience. 

One of the keys to communicating with the right audience is having a title that is SEO friendly titles that expose exactly what the blog post is about. While you want them to have to click to find out more you do not want to mislead them. Misleading readers will aggravate them and make them less likely to click back.

How do you create an SEO friendly title that exposes what the blog post is about?

Look at what you put in the post and try to summarize the best of it into around a 65 character title. Why 65 characters? Because it is a great length to draw in readers from places like Pinterest and search engines. At 65 characters readers can see the whole title before clicking onto the page so that they know what they are getting themselves into.

Also maybe try to include how many points you make in your blog post because readers are more inclined to click when they know more.

Some great examples for titles are:

5 Great Places To Go This Summer.

3 Ways To Style Your Hair in 5 Minutes.

8 Things You Should Be Doing Before You Hit Publish.

10 Ideas for Blog Posts Anyone Could Do.

How To Grow Your Pinterest Following Overnight

What makes these titles better than other titles?

They are straight to the point. They make the reader think that they are going to get something from the post. Posts that have great takeaways are more likely to be successful. They are short.

Easy to Read Graphics

Easy to read graphics are also Pinterest worthy graphics and Pinterest is another great way to attract the right audience you can read all about that here in one of my recent posts. Plus Pinterest is another free tool and who doesn’t love to grow their business for free? I know that I sure love it.

What goes into an easy to read graphic?

What your blog post is about, a watermark for your site, a consistent style, readable font and some catchy colors.

Easy to read graphics look like these:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.18.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 8.18.29 PM How To

How do you create easy to read graphics?

I create my graphics for free using Canva which is super easy to navigate and free.

Canva is just: If you want to create cute graphics like mine for free!

I plan to create a tutorial very soon of how I create all my imagery on Canva for free. So be on the lookout for that or you can grab my workbook below this post and be the first to find out about that tutorial!

Why do your graphics need to look like this?

Because it lets the reader who stumbles upon your post on social media know what they are getting themselves in to


I know what your thinking, “I don’t have anything to giveaway” or “I don’t have anyone to sponsor a giveaway” Thats not what I am talking about here. What I am talking about is giving something you create to your audience for free. Something that will benefit them and install a trust in them that you are credible. Something that will get your target audience to sign up for your email list so you can continue to communicate with them.

What is a good freebie? 

Food blog =  email subscriber only secret recipe

Fashion blog = email subscriber only list of the best sales right now

Lifestyle blogger= email subscriber only secret post about your personal life

Business blogger = free webinar or tool for only your email subscribers

Budget blogger = free budget outline for email subscribers

How do you create a good freebie?

How I create my free goodies is I use:

Magic Action Box (free WordPress plugin)

MailChimp (free email service)

Google Docs (then export as PDF)

Canva (to create the image for my Magic Action Box)

Then I upload the freebie onto my WordPress site on a secret page & create a password. When someone subscribes to that list I send them the password to the secret page.

There I just created a kick butt freebie (like the one in the sidebar and below) for free. All I spent was a little time and a lot of knowledge.

Leave it in the comments or email me if you want to see a tutorial post of creating freebies.

Rich Posts

Alright, we made it to the last thing on the list. We are kicking but at connecting with our target audience aren’t we? I think so!

So what is a rich post? A rich post is a post on your blog that has a takeaway. Something that actually will mean something when the person that reads it is part of your target audience.

How do you create a rich post? 

You include helpful links, information, ways to contact people, it is not short or  juicy details. A rich post is not created in 5 minutes and just thrown together. A rich post that will attract your target audience (who will make you money) is one that is quality, long enough to really share some details, informational, and giving.

What does a rich post look like?

A rich post looks like this post you just read! It offers information on how to do something, it offers a freebie, it offers information that you just can’t find anywhere. That is a rich post!

Need more information? Email me: I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: This post includes one affiliate link for MailChimp feel free not to use it but it is a service I highly recommend if you are a new blogger who wants to grow into a business but does not want to spend money on an email service.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 9.39.02 PM


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