How To Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins are special pins on Pinterest that show your websites favicon and title next to pins that come from your website. They make it easy for readers to recognize your posts and Pinterest is more likely to put yourself first.  I am going to explain how to enable rich pins because Pinterest is the best tool on the market for blog growth. Readers who find your blog on Pinterest are much more likely to stick around than those who find you in places like twitter. The reason being is Pinterest is a search engine and people find your content because It is what they are looking for.

Rich pins will make your pins easier to find when users search because Pinterest sees them as better more well rounded pins. So lets get into how to enable them.

       1. Login to Your Website and Install the Yoast SEO Plugin. (free version)

The reason that you want to install this is because your blog needs to have meta descriptions so that Pinterest will allow you to enable rich pins. This plugin optimizes your blog posts, and pages for search engines. This is important to Pinterest because they are a search engine. On top of that Yoast SEO will help your blog be found on other search engines like Yahoo, and Google.

       2. Login to Pinterest and Go To The “Rich Pin Validator”.

You can click here to get to the Rich Pin Validator. Once you get to the pin validator you are going to want to put in a link to any blog post on your website. After you link to your blog post you are going to want to click that super nice “validate” button. This just makes sure that your blog post has all those meta details that Yoast SEO keeps up with for you. After you click that “validate button a message will pop up telling you that it was successful.

         3. Apply for Rich Pins

After the message pops up it is time to click, “apply now”. Here you will want to make sure that HTML tags is selected and then you are going to want to click, “apply now” once again. Now you are going to receive a conformation email which can come within 2 minutes or a few days so just be on the lookout. Then you will be ready to go and every pin from your website will look great and professional.

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Closing Statements

Hopefully this post helps you enable rich pins. Since I have enabled rich pins I have gotten way more traffic to my blog. I am so glad that this is something I did. It is so easy to do also so thats great.

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- Taylor