Why to go to college out of state

Growing up in Florida I always thought that I would go to the University of Florida. I was a gators fan and I loved everything about Gainesville.

After I entered high school and had to go on college tours I was introduced to so many different university’s. Most of them in Florida.

It wasn’t until I met a boy (my now husband) that I was introduced to the thought of going to school out of state.

Here are a few reasons to go to school out of state.

1.You can create a new image

Say that in high school you hated the way you acted or dressed. Going to a new place and getting to be yourself is so refreshing. No one knows your embarrassing past. You get to be exactly who you are without stress.

2.You get to meet new people

In high school and even before that you were probably surrounded by people that you have been going to school with your whole life. Meeting new people grows you as a person. Going to college out of state helps introduce you to people and culture you would have never learned about.

3.New seasons

Growing up In Florida I didn’t see leaves change, I didn’t see flowers bloom and I surely did not see snow. Moving out of state for college gives you a chance to temporarily see seasons and surroundings completely different than you normally would.

4.New experiences

When you go to college out of state you will be introduced to all new grocery stores, parks, restaurants, and malls. It’s like going on vacation in your new home every weekend.

5.A new look on life

Throwing yourself into college out of state gives you a new look on life. You will grow so much as a person. The world will never look the same. You will understand everything with a whole new perspective.

If you haven’t looked into going to school out of state, or studying abroad I recommend you do. It has changed my life for the best. I am stronger, more independent & happier than I ever thought possible.

  • She Joh

    I agree with you 100%. I grew up in San Diego and moved to Missouri for College, for a boy as well. We didn’t stay together but going through the break up in a city where I didn’t know anyone forced me out of my comfort zone and honestly shaped me into the person I am today. If I had stayed in San Diego, I would probably enjoy the perfect weather but be an entirely different person. A few years later, I met a guy, and he’s now my husband, and it’s all because I took a leap of faith and moved to another state. I always encourage people to move out of state, glad you’ve had a great experience with it as well!

    • I am so excited to learn that I am not the only one that feels this way! Moving out of state has completely changed my life for nothing but the better. It is hard at times but I have very much enjoyed it all.