how to make money blogging

How to make money blogging from the start

When I first started blogging I heard from every source that it was going to take a long time, and I was going to need hundreds of thousands of page views to start earning a real income. I loved blogging and helping bloggers. I was determined to make Smart and Simplistic successful fast to prove to myself and bloggers everywhere that you can follow your dreams without investing years of your time with no return.

The thing I get the most emails, questions, messages and comments about is making money. Everyone wants to make money following their dreams of being a blogger but feel like they can’t because they only get 1,000 page views a month or they have a strange niche they feel like no one wants to read about.

Everyone can make money blogging as long as you care about what you are doing!

In fact I recently just wrote a whole ebook about how I took my tiny little blog and started making a full time income with it. It isn’t about page views its about your target audience.

I make a full time income with about 5,000 users per month, the key is how I reach those 5,000 people and how I connect with them.

So often I see bloggers who are doing the wrong things. Often I see bloggers post every single day because they think the more often they post the easier it will be to get traffic and earn money from advertisements. Sometimes I see bloggers who take every sponsorship they get an email about because they are trying to earn money. I even see bloggers who have advertisements in every open space on their blog to try to earn more money. I see bloggers with 100 affiliate links per post to try to get more clicks and sales. None of this is going to help you make money blogging.

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Now back to the blog post, bloggers often start blogging with the wrong ideas about blogging, This happens because as bloggers we are conditioned to think the more we have out there the better of a chance we to make money blogging.

I started making hundreds of dollars my first month blogging (you can read about how I earned $300 my first month blogging here) because I broke outside of the norm, you can do this too. Everyone can do this. Every blogger can achieve their dreams if they work with motivation and passion. I am here to help you!

Here is what I did to start making hundreds of dollars my first month blogging:

1.Create Achievable Goals

When I started this blog I had no following for it on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google +. But I knew I needed to set social goals to push me hard to engage and grow a community for my blog online. It was hard set goals about how much money I thought I wanted d make, and how many followers I wanted to get when I had absolutely nothing to compare my blog to.

I realized because I didn’t have anything to compare my blog too I needed to create goals even more. This gave me something to strive towards even when they seemed impossible to meet.

However I knew I needed to create achievable goals. Earning 1,000,000 a month when you have nothing to sell and no followers may be impossible, but earning a few hundred dollars is not.

My first month blogging goals were:

  • Earn: $250
  • Twitter Followers: 500
  • Pinterest Followers: 1000
  • (I didn’t plan to focus on Facebook and Instagram followers)
  • Facebook Page Likes: 70
  • Instagram Followers: 50

2. Focus on A Few Social Media Sites Not All Of Them

I see so many bloggers spread themselves so thin on every social media network because marketing agencies want “high interaction” to sponsor them. Spreading yourself too thin as a blogger really limits how you can grow as a blogger. I decided to focus on Pinterest, and Twitter when I started my blog because I knew If I used Pinterest correctly It can bring your blog a good amount of traffic from people in your target audience. (you can click here to learn how I met my goal and got a lot of traffic from Pinterest). I also knew that Twitter was a great way to start branding myself, I could grow a large following on Twitter faster than other social media networks. This would help my blog more professional because I was connected to a large target audience.  The more professional your blog looks the easier it will be to make money.

3. Focus Hard on One Affiliate

I see posts being re-pined on Pinterest all the time with titles like, “50 Great Affiliate Marketing Programs” and “The top 20 affiliate programs” too many affiliate links take away from your content.

No one is going to want to keep coming back to a blog when every post just sounds like a sales pitch to get you to go somewhere else and buy something or sign up for a service.

Posting too many affiliate links is going to take away from your earnings because people will not take you seriously.

To make good money with affiliate programs you need to focus on one or two and push them. You should create a whole post about the great things that product or service has to offer not just include a link to it in every post.

4. Offer Services

So many bloggers are worth so much more than they know. I see food bloggers all the time and wonder why they don’t offer services bring in more money. Everyone has knowledge that someone else doesn’t have and wants. Food bloggers could be offering personal online cooking classes, or personalized recipes. The options are endless. Fashion bloggers could offer services helping their readers organize their clothes for that season, or for an event. There are so many ways to make money blogging with services.

I brought up offering services to one of my clients and she said, “I don’t have enough readers to offer services.” She was wrong, one reader is enough to offer services. All you have to do is put some extra time in your schedule and set up a landing page. You have knowledge someone else wants.

Offering services is a great way to make money blogging.

5. Don’t Overuse Advertisements

Advertisements are a great way to earn extra money blogging. However ads really take away from a blog when they are all over the place. I have a few ad’s on my page. One ad under every post and one in my side bar. These ads are enough to earn me a little extra income but they don’t push readers away.

I recommend only having 1-3 advertisements on each page of your blog.

6. Don’t Post Just To Post

I mentioned this earlier in the post, that some bloggers feel the need to have something new go up every single day. Don’t do this. Posting every single day will not make you money blogging. The way you make money blogging is posting good content that is full of information and is actually giving something to your readers.

I only post 1 to 3 times a week depending. I have found sometimes the weeks I only post once I get the most traffic and make the most money blogging.

7. Stay educated

I see clients all the time who stopped seeing growth in social media, and blog traffic. I often ask them, “Do you keep on SEO information?” “Do you use Pinterest as a learning tool to get help from other bloggers?” and I often get the response of “no”. The reason that people fail as bloggers is because they don’t stay up to date on their affiliates, good ways to advertise, and how to optimize their social medias.

To make money blogging you need to stay educated on all things blogging.

8. Build an Email List

As a blogger the only audience you own is your email list. Every person on that list is there because you did something right to make them stay. All the people on your email list want to hear what you have to say. To make money and especially a passive income as a blogger you need to build your email list so you have someone to offer a product or service to. A great way to build your email list is to put a call to action in every one of your social media bios and offer content upgrades to people who sign up.

A call to action in your social media bio could sound something like this, “Learn how I keep 3 growing toddlers going to be regularly every night (link to sign up to your email list here). Then you would set up an automation through your email service  (I recommend MailerLite they are free and offer automation) to send them an email with your tips after they sign up.

9. Stay True To Yourself

I see so many bloggers post about everything under the sun even though they really want to be a fashion blogger, or they really want to be a mommy blogger. To make money blogging you need to stay true to yourself. Talking about something you don’t care about to get people to click affiliate links, or get more traffic makes your blog seem more unprofessional and boring.

You are going to be more likely to have a good audience that sticks around if you stay true to yourself. Your audience is there for you not who you pretend to be.

10. Get 30 Days to Blog Success

I spent so much money, taking courses and attending webinars. I learned as much as I could and now that my blog is a full time business in less than four months I want to share what I did with everyone for way less than the other bloggers.

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I literally put it all out there on the table in my story, so you can live your dreams of being a blogger too.

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Closing Statements

If you stumbled onto this page because you want to blog, or want to switch to self hosted in hopes of making money and living your dreams I highly recommend it. Making money blogging is only as hard as you make it. I have never had a better job in my life.

If you need help starting a self hosted blog check out my easy 7 step guide to starting a blog here: How To Start A Blog

I hope that this post motivated you to follow your dreams or helped you in some way. If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them below and I will answer them ASAP!

How to make money blogging from the start. I started making money blogging my very first month online. Within four months I now have a full time income. Making money blogging is so rewarding. In this post I explain the keys to making money blogging.


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    • Thanks for taking your time to leave a thoughtful comment. I hate seeing blog posts that you can’t even take seriously because it sounds like a sales pitch. I feel like it is way more important to stay true to yourself and your niche. People shouldn’t be greedy they will earn less that way.

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    • you make great points too. It is such a turn off to see people throwing themselves at every sponsored post opportunity and using ever affiliate program they can get their hands on. I really appreciate bloggers like you who do it because they love it and then start to monetize it and don’t just try to make money.

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