How To Lose Weight In College

When I moved into my dorm freshman year I had no Idea what to expect. I had no idea what

I would be eating or what I would be doing for exercise. As I mentioned in my last post about why everyone should go to college out of state which you can read by clicking here I knew nobody and nothing about the gym or dining halls. I am not going to lie I gained the freshman 15 but I am here to teach you how to not do that and how to lose weight in college!


1.Avoid Thinking of It As A Buffet

When you walk into the dining hall it will be full so much delicious food. Pizza, sandwiches, burgers, ice cream, cookies and pasta. You also are not limited to one plate, two plates or ten plates.  The key is to not look at the dining hall as a buffet think of it as you get one plate you have to fill with good food. Something I found that really worked was to fill my plate with vegetables then add the meat and side dish after. That way I got mostly veggies.

    2. Don’t Be Shy

It is often hard to make friends when going to a school where you know no one. The key to losing weight in college is do not be shy about it. Tell your roommates, boyfriend, strangers in the hallway that are trying to give you pizza, tell everyone. The more people you tell that you are trying to lose weight the more accountable you will hold yourself.

    3. Enjoy The Outdoors

When I first started to lose weight in college I did not want to go to the gym because it  was awkward. So I learned to enjoy the outdoors. Go on walks, hikes, bike rides, and Runs. It is perfectly normal and you won’t have to feel judged by all the pretty girls in sports bras.

     4. Balance

Losing weight in college is 100 times harder than probably any time in your life. You are under the stress of class, work, relationships and trying to be fit. You will drive yourself into a downward spiral of binge eating if you don’t have balance. If you had a super stressful week and you need a brownie to cope eat the brownie. Do not wait until you feel so unbelievably stressed and binge eat 10 brownies. Everyone once in awhile reward the hard work you have been doing with a treat.


Do not worry if it comes of slow, or not at all for a while. College is one of the most stressful times in your life. Trying to be healthy will benefit you greatly even you are not losing weight.