How To Be The Social Introvert In College

1. Focus On Yourself

When I moved into my dorm I focused so much on trying to impress my roommates. I wanted to have cute decor, and a bubbly personality to match. That just isn’t me. To be social in college you need to focus on the person you really are. Look into activities you would enjoy, not ones to impress your roommates, or boys. Do whatever you like. Write in a journal, walk downtown, bake, ¬†or whatever you enjoy. It will make you much happier if you focus on yourself.

2.Don’t Compare Yourself

Do not compare yourself to pretty sorority girls, girls you see at the library or student union, or anyone. I found myself envying girls who had lives that I admired. “Oh that girl has super cute clothes, and a lot of friends” “I should dress like her” I spent so much of my freshman year looking at other people and thinking that If I changed myself to be more like other people I would be happier, and I would have more things. I was wrong. I spent so much time alienating people by comparing myself to them. It made it nearly impossible to make friends because I spent too much time trying to change myself to be more likable.

3.Go To Floor Events

I thought that floor events were so dumb when I moved into my dorm. Why would I want to go to a room on my floor full of people I don’t know? BECAUSE I DIDN’T KNOW ANYONE! thats why. I went to a few floor meetings at the end of the semester right before I moved out and realized what I had been missing out on. Everyone that goes to floor meetings is in the same position as you. Plus most of the time their is free food, or games. My floor even had a PJ party one time, it was a lot of fun. As an introvert putting yourself out there can be hard, I know. All you have to do is walk into the room and people will come up to you. Someone else will do the work.

4.Go To Expo’s

At my school their are activities every weekend for the first 5 weeks of school. Go to any activity that you can. Even if you just go alone and walk around. The more you introduce yourself to new things and new people the easier it will be. The more you get out the more likely you are to find something that you enjoy.

5.Join An Activity

After you find something that you enjoy from submersing yourself in activities then you can join an activity, maybe a workout class, club sport, sorority, or club. Brining more activities into your life will make it easier to socialize with those that also enjoy those activities.


Really the key in being social in college is doing things that you enjoy. If you go to a large university it is easy to find an activity or many that you enjoy.