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Why Growing Your List Is Important

So you want to grow your list? Who doesn’t! But you see there is more to it than that. Your list is the only way that you can connect with only your readers. Your list is the best way to get out your products, services, posts and important information.

That being said, why is your list important?

Your List Is Important Because:

It Is Your Greatest Tool For Growth:  You can connect with your readers one on one to ask questions, and understand what they are looking for in a blog and what they need. Most readers come to your blog for a purpose. Your list is a way for you to find out what is keeping your readers around. When you know why your readers are sticking around you can create content to fit their needs.

It Is A Way To Sell Yourself:  Once you grow your list and gain credibility with the people on your list you can sell your products, or services to people who want them. Your list is full of people who want to have your products, services, and insider knowledge. People that just stumble upon your blog might have ended up there by mistake, but not the people on your list they want to be there.

You Can Connect At Anytime: On social media like Facebook, and Twitter to be most effective you have to post at key times when readers are online. With your list they will receive your email whenever you have time to send it and they can open it and explore the content whenever they have time. You will no longer have to count on hoping people are online and their feeds aren’t busy.

Tips to grow your list:

Grow Your Pinterest: Growing your Pinterest is simple if you have not done these steps yet. 1. Include descriptions on all of the pins coming from your blog. 2. Create click worthy images for every post. 3.Post pins not to just one board but all that they apply to. (to do this after you pin it to your blogs board, then click “view now” and click the pin button to pin that same pin to another board it applies to, repeat over  and over until it is on all the boards it applies too.)

Join Group Pinterest Boards: Now many of you have probably heard about group Pinterest boards and might have even joined a few. The key to Pinterest boards is not just joining them it is joining the ones with an audience that will appreciate your posts. You want to join a board with an audience that is looking for what your blogs offer. If you are a college lifestyle blogger you might want to look into joining Pinterest boards such as The Influence Her Collective or Bloggers Best. If you are a business blogger you might want to look into boards such as Entrepreneur Success. If you are a fashion blogger you may want to look into Bold Style.

Grow Your Twitter: Growing your twitter is probably the most fun and personal on this list. Growing your twitter gives you the chance to connect with people you share something with. The most successful way I have found to grow my twitter has been twitter chats. Side note, they are also bunches of fun! One of my favorite twitter chats are hosted by Blogger Bees, it is called #ChattyBees which is every Sunday at 2 P.M. central time.  It is just big enough to get a large scope the blogging community but it is not to over whelming to keep up with. Another one of my favorite twitter chats is hosted by Blogging College and run by Kayla Blogs. The chat is called #BloggingCollege and they have a Facebook group as well. The chat is every other Sunday at 7 P.M central time.

Join Facebook Groups:  Facebook groups are a little hard to get into when you do not have any friends or a following, but they are a great way to get your content out there which will grow your list. A Facebook groups is a place where bloggers can ask for help, share their posts, and build friendships. Some of my favorite Facebook Groups are Bloggers Gonna Blog and Gal Pal Gang.  Facebook groups are currently where I am struggling because I have a pretty lackluster Facebook Page.

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I hope this post was helpful for you. Growing your list is really where your business starts. There is so much that goes into building a list to depend on. I could write an entire series about list building. Leave any ideas or tips down below! I love reading about list building. A good list is everything. Again you can click here to join my list for more!

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  • This is soo helpful! I’ve only joined Pinterest groups but i’m definitely going to join the facebook groups you recommended! Great post!


    • Glad you enjoyed it. Facebook groups are great, all the Facebook groups I am in are super supportive and helpful.