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Taylor StanfordI am Taylor Stanford, 19 year old finance major and blogger. Smart and Simplistic is my business, and full time career. I manage handling both college and Smart and Simplistic through extreme time management and a immense passion for blogging, and business growth. I started blogging In high school as a way to keep track of memories, and share tips. In early 2016 I realized I could turn my interest in business, and blogging into one successful full time job. I have been successful and am now going to be putting myself through college with my business which I love.

       I started Smart and Simplistic to help people live their dreams.

          Before I started Smart and Simplistic I spent months researching blogging, how to do it the most successfully, and what it takes to make a career of it. I took courses, I read e-books, I went to every webinar I could. I made sure to take precise notes in all of my business and finance classes. Through every step of starting my blog I heard from people that it was going to take me a long time to be successful, and work at this full time. Those people were wrong. I turned Smart and Simplistic into a money making business within days of launching, because I had drive, passion, and I was educated on blogging. I now help bloggers all over the internet who want to make a living from their blog.

 You can live your dreams of being a career blogger. All it takes is passion

         I invite you to come and read my post about how I turned my blog into a business in one month. Or even check out my ebook on how you can turn your blog into a business in one month. I am not trying to keep secrets or be selfish with the information I have about how to become a career blogger because the internet is huge and there is room for each and everyone of us here. Becoming a blogger has been the most rewarding career because I get to talk to people, and help people from the comfort of whatever location I choose. I make my hours. I am going to graduate college debt free! All because I followed my dream. That is not something a lot of people can say for themselves.

I want to help you follow your dreams!


I offer so many services to help bloggers reach their goals and find success. You can find all of my services by contacting me at I have written dozens of posts about turning your blog into a successful business. You can read all of those posts by clicking here: Smart and Simplistic Blog To Business Posts. I also wrote a whole ebook about how you can turn your blog into a business which you can checkout by clicking here. I also have tons of great resources for you on my Pinterest which you can find by clicking here: Smart and Simplistic Pinterest.

How can everyone make money blogging?

When people come to your blog to read it they are not reading just one blog. The more bloggers = the more readers. As a blogger I read 30 – 50 blog posts a day! All you need to make money blogging is a passion. The reason that everyone can make money is because the internet is still growing. There is room for us all here and we can help each other. Have you been wanting to start a blog but have been hesitant?Don’t be. There is room for all of us here! I want you to start a blog. Click here to get started with my “How to Start a Blog” post. Want to become a money making blogger? You are in the right place.

I would love to hear from you

I love getting to know people who read my blog. I would love to help you personally. Feel free to message me on my Facebook profile here: Taylor Stanford Facebook or on my blogs Facebook page here: Smart and Simplistic Facebook Page. You can also find me here on Twitter and Pinterest.  Or even email me:

- Taylor`