My Experience With Free Workouts

I know paying for gym memberships can be a real drag, especially if you are a poor college student like me so here are 5 free places to work out. This not having a gym membership issue is a problem I just recently started to face because fortunately my college has an on campus that is open during the fall and spring semesters. However, it is now summer and if I wanted to keep going to the on campus gym it would cost roughly $300 for 4 months. Worth it? nope not even close. So instead of spending a ton of money on a gym membership for the summer I decided to get creative. This a list composed of ways and places to workout when you are on a tight budget.

1. Your Bedroom

There is no better place to workout. It is air conditioned (hopefully) and in it you are safe from the eyes of strangers. Plus in your own bedroom you can have random dance parties when your jam comes on and no one there will judge you. So just grab your favorite yoga mat and weight set and get to business.

2. Your Local Park

Now this may seem strange because what adult goes to the park in the daylight hours to productive that isn’t watching children? Me. I have found that the park is a great place to work out especially on week days and early mornings. There are no people around, and there is a lot space and free equipment. Using the bars for pull ups, sidewalks for sprints and swings for a fun time. On top of the free space, and equipment there are water fountains for hydration. Who doesn’t love free hydration am I right? Bring your own water bottle to carry along with you though, no one wants to walk to the water fountain 100 times.

3. Public Basketball Courts

I am not sure about where you live but here in Nebraska we actually have public basketball courts that are separate from where people and children play. Basketball is a great workout I used my fitness tracker and 30 minutes of basketball made me burn almost 300 calories that is a crazy turn around! To get started with this is way cheaper than a gym membership all you need is a ball, and a good ball only cost around $10.


4. The Beach

The beach was one of my favorite places to workout when I lived in Florida because it is free and there are so many activities you can do there. For one you can swim let me tell you fighting those east coast waves will burn some calories. If swimming isn’t for you then you can jog in the sand which is a heart pumping workout for sure, plus you will get all the leg gains. If you don’t like swimming or jogging then try some beach volleyball with friends it will get your heart pumping and allow you let your competitive nature shine though.


5. Your Bed

Now get your mind out of that gutter. Working out in bed is something I recently saw in a youtube video. It is for those of us who some days just want to watch Netflix all day but still want that summer beach body. Working out in bed is easy you can do crunches, yoga, or even jump up and down to burn some extra calories. Its super inexpensive and super comfortable.

Hope you all have great workouts!